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ABC's Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement - 07.16.20

ABC Press (1979) LTD engages in the Best business practices, which subsequently are of benefit to our environment. These customs are by no means exclusive to ABC Press. Nonetheless, a listing of what ABC Press has implemented to this end is note worthy.

Recycling of wastepaper from machine trimmings and manufacturing waste through; Weyerhauser, Metro Waste, and Cascades Recycling. This program has been in place for 20 + years. Metro Waste presented ABC Press with a 2008-09 certificate of tonnage of 39000kg.

October 2005

Heidelberg Canada's 1st installation in Alberta of the Suprasetter 74 Thermo Plate-setter.

This Plate-setting device utilizes a termed Chem-free printing plate. The positive effect from adoption of this technology eliminated the need for harmful plate developing chemistry requiring expensive neutralization before disposal as with Violet Light Plate-setting technology.


ABC Press eliminates the use of Isopropanol Alcohol as a wetting agent in the Press fountain solution.

The use of wash chemicals has also been of concern to this environmentally responsible company. ABC Press’s press wash and cleaning solution chemicals which along with waste ink are separated from our rags during cleaning and used as an energy source by our rag service company, Executive Mat Service. An ISO 14000 certified company.


ABC Press is first in Edmonton to employ the Kodak Sonora XP Process-less Printing plate (Now using AGFA Eclipse Digital Thermal Plate). Furthering the company’s commitment to cut waste, by the elimination of The Suprasetter 74’s plate developing gum Arabic wash unit. The new Process-less plate Is now developed on press at make-ready of the customer’s order.


ABC Press prints with Huber Group vegetable based inks series.


ABC Press has access to a wide variety of paper stocks, containing virgin fibers from certified Managed forests to recycled paper containing up to 100% Post-Consumer Waste fiber. We also print using synthetic stocks as well.

Jason Roper